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Who doesn’t like to go to dentist? Me me me me me😅☝🏻 . Sejujurnya dr kecil dokter gigi adalah mimpi buruk gue wkwk. Tapi kesehatan gigi dan... Read more →

DOVE Beauty Journal banyak memberikan kesan sendiri tentang me time and how to love yourself & ur skin. Yes as know DOVE Body Wash berbeda dengan... Read more →

Yesterday attending @dove ‘Afternoon Beauty Stories’ and having so much fun there💙 R u curious enough what happened yesterday? Wait for my... Read more →

My all time favourite cleansing Eye make-up remover by NIVEA💙 @nivea_id Sama sekali gak menimbulkan rasa berminyak ataupun lengket di kulit... Read more →

#OOTD for @wandapandaid launch their 20 new arrivals shoes! If every girls always said “beauty is pain” then WandaPanda will answer you “Say... Read more →