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Setelah sekian lama merenung, gw akhirnya menemukan bahwa passion gw adalah art. Terutama yang practical. Beauty adalah salah satunya.Gw suka... Read more →

When you smell good, you feel good.I change style every now and then. Sometimes I wanna be edgy chic, sometimes I wanna be girly girl. My scent... Read more →

Next level detox!Baru tau kan ada detox buat keti? Sama gw juga baru tau hahaha. Karena kita tinggal di negara tropis pasti tiap hari pake deodoran... Read more →

Don't forget to take a deep, deep breath and count to 10. Have a nice day!

Definitely overused this pants. Need to buy another one, I've used this one too much. If you've never tried wide-leg pants before, try at least... Read more →

Went to @bdgplanninggallery yesterday and I'm in such awe. the place showcases Bandung's future projects like cable cars, wide sidewalks, etc. Ada... Read more →

First i prime my face with @rougebunnyrouge Prelude In The Clouds aqua primer.Then for the base i mix @sahabatmarina Smooth n Glow BB cream (love... Read more →

Been using these two for the past few weeks and I'm super duper in love with them. Thank you @ultima_id! 🌸 Read why I love love love them aka my... Read more →

red lips and rosy cheekssay you'll see me againeven if it's just in yourwildest dream~Another picture from the photoshoot 💕Makeup... Read more →

You should know you're beautiful just the way you are 🌹Makeup @theresiafeegymuaNail art @jesslynlyne

A moment after this photo was taken, a group of people came and sit without saying anything and @agustinaharyson was so pissed because dia belom foto... Read more →

Everybody's saying this on the group so I'm gonna say it here too.. happy sunday! The IT poké bowl, HONU🌴

I've always wanted to be a princess 👸Makeup & hair: @feegyyyNails: @jesslynlyne

Create your own happiness. It doesn't matter if others laugh at you because if you're happy, that's all that really... Read more →

Visited Absolute New York store in Central Park and happily played with their products.. Expect an @absolutenewyork_id review soon! 💄 ... Read more →