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Long time not seeing you πŸ–€βœ¨ the lady who own the store and.... the one who help me dating with my ex-bf πŸ˜‰βœ¨ hubby now 😜 Congratulation... Read more β†’

As A Virgo, i will say exactly what I am thinking or I will completely silent. I don't born with sugar coated πŸ‘„ And my basic instinct is cutting... Read more β†’

β€œThey will hate you if you are beautiful. They will hate you if you are successful. They will hate you if you are right. They will hate you if you... Read more β†’

β€œShe wore her scars, and looked as best as she could. He made her comfortable and removed them one by one. She stood bare in front of him. He... Read more β†’

Trying powder foundation from @ran_cosmetic 😊 I heard it becomes best selling lately here , local hype. Haven't seen anywhere else, so why not... Read more β†’

It's so hard to capture this beauty of @katvondbeauty πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’• my picture doesn't do the justice after so many trial and mostly error of the... Read more β†’

My life outside of social media been busy as ever, running out of energy to catch up with everyone. Somehow, I see so many people posting on their... Read more β†’

Thank you for sharing this @tfbpro_francesco I don't care to smell it first before buying, SOLD! Hahaha... gonna splurge on that f* Fab this season... Read more β†’

I stop scaling my weight everyday 😜 It's stressful journey to come back at my normal body shape and weight at the point before twin pregnancy 😜... Read more β†’