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Nyobain Pisang Nugget Jakarta kemarin. Bentuknya sih jadi macam brownies di dalam kotak yang udah dipotong-potong gitu. Pisang digoreng pake tepung... Read more →

Semalam tuh niatnya pengen maskeran berdua sebelum tidur, tapi berhubung maspacal lama banget gak cuci muka juga, yawda kutinggal maskeran duluan.... Read more →

Facing the sunlight with the right angle (plus a low level beautify feature) makes me looks slimmer. Hahay It also happens to be few kilos ago... Read more →

Stumbled to this picture when I was browsing thru my picture folders. Is this a sign that I have to shave my head before Eid? Yay or nay? My head... Read more →

Thinking about having some affairs with my bed and pillows right now, then soaking and splashing myself in the water like a hippo, or bear. Then go... Read more →

Thank you @hometesterclubid for sending me @clearIndonesia Sakura to try on. I like the fresh scent of Sakura flowers in my hair.Bikin rambut enteng... Read more →