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It is an art. There is no right and no wrong. It's unique. The same lipstick won't be look identically same on me and you and everybody else. You... Read more →

On my canvas today: - Nivea Balm - Emina Beauty Bliss - L'oreal Cushion - Beauty Story DD Loose Powder - The Balm Mischevious Marissa + Sexy + Mary... Read more →

When I see all newly launched make up on my timeline and I'm stuck with my old stuffs: Ah I don't care.. Lol. Well, actually I care.. Definitely... Read more →

Cleaning in the morning. I put some of my make up in a computer table. The drawer that originally designed for keyboard is now has another function,... Read more →

Well then, repressed! I don't like to repress my make up, but it is just too messy. Not regularly repressed but uniquely repressed. Craft the frame... Read more →