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Cleaning in the morning. I put some of my make up in a computer table. The drawer that originally designed for keyboard is now has another function,... Read more →

Well then, repressed! I don't like to repress my make up, but it is just too messy. Not regularly repressed but uniquely repressed. Craft the frame... Read more →

When I don't buy new make up, it doesn't mean I don't love it anymore. It means I want to spend more time with the old ones. I feel both good and bad... Read more →

It's not always for make up. Few months ago I recycled Chloe Gift Box into a Teabag Organizer. How can I throw away such a pretty box like that? The... Read more →

Close Up details! The box cover now become beautiful dividers. Now I should find time for doing the Icy Blue.. Will try to take more photos of the... Read more →

The box consists of two parts. I call them box base and box cover. So basically I made dividers from the box cover. No need to use scrapping or art... Read more →

Do you know that Kikki.K Perforated Planner comes inside a beautiful box? I purchased both Icy Blue and Peach in size Large and could not throw away... Read more →

Knowing that you have made your circle feel dissapointed (again) is the worst feeling ever. Hope I could say that 'I can', but the fact is 'I can't'.... Read more →

~~Swipe for more photos~~ Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set. I have mixed feeling for this set. Refer to each swatch for short... Read more →