chill with family at Warung Dhahar Pulo Segaran, Tembi Rumah Budaya, Yogyakarta.. never get borred... Read more →

with ms Ivy and all models SwansTwenty 1st Runway at Handmade Movement 2014 "Modern... Read more →

Attend Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week with this black and gold outfit ^_^ top and legging by... Read more →

I found her on the way home stop by to say Hi becoz she's so stylish with her pink dress ^_^ well,... Read more →

With Mega Jannaty, Yaneshya Kaban and Azminda Lubis.. my SwansTwenty bazaar team ^_^i'm so... Read more →

saturdate with Amanda Rani :) some girls got a good change to met and a good reason to got a nice... Read more →

a great team.. got a good watch to wear :'D #casiomania

hang out with my girls....

i should put a black nailart on my finger with this rings nexttime.. :)

our fav watch collection.. #casiomania #aotd

With Mega Janati, my partner at swanstwenty :) thanks for coming :)

My fashion presentation for Citilink Designer Challenge 2014.. #ootd haha always love my outfit :'D... Read more →

it's so fun to designed a stewardess uniform... I did this one for Citilink Designer Challenge last... Read more →

Pose with Casio Representative at JFFF Mall Kelapa Gading 3... ^_^ thanks for visiting me!!

My Modern Indonesia Style... vest batik kutu baru my signature from swans twenty.. plus 7/8 jeans... Read more →

Have a very very very great time at workshop with my BUNKA friends ^_^ tyeaaaayytt

"Masa Lalu Selalu Aktual" Selalu suka sama kamera exilim casioid ini haha.. bisa narsis kapan... Read more →

A day trip with mom :) Masa Lalu Selalu Aktual...

Pose with Diana Rikasari on Indonesia Fashion Forward - Digital Summit Workshop.. nice to chit chat... Read more →

cat eyes mode and pose with my beloved black cat :)

rock n roll.. paired this leather kutubaru with hot jeans and boots.. with leather backpack for my... Read more →

chic and casual

Behind the scene team outfit

my office outfit...