And our song shall live forever 🌹 #gold #24k #clozetteid

Had fun today playing around listening to makeup tricks at the opening of @makeoverid store at... Read more →

Kalo ditanya tentang resolution tahun 2018; simply aku cuma pengen bisa lebih sering lagi punya... Read more →

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Too busy watering my grass to check if yours is greener 🌿..Wearing; @benefitindonesia... Read more →

Christmas Set from @gastromaquia, come taste the joyful season! .. #clozetteid... Read more →

Don't know where to go this saturday? Why not go to @gastromaquia, feel the coming christmas with... Read more →

Playing street style with @61clothing 🥀 #clozetteid #number61xclozetteid #61SnapStyle

Daridulu liatin mama setiap hari kerja, pergi ke kantor, ngurusin pembukuan bisnis papa, ngurusin... Read more →

Suddenly feeling the ethnic vibe, proud to be indonesian with local things, just like this gorg... Read more →

Been using the 'White Clinical' series for weeks now, and i am seriously starting to see a... Read more →

My kind of smokey eyes made compact and easy, thanks to Smokey On The Go Palette from... Read more →

Had fun earlier with @thebodyshopindo and @clozetteid for the 'non-touring' beauty class today 💪... Read more →

So the full review of this green tea seed serum and sheet masks is up on the blog! Click link on my... Read more →

#throwback to our last event together 💕 . #clozetteid

Hujan? Gak tau mau kemana? Main ke #jingleinthejungle bareng @thebodyshopindo aja di mall... Read more →

Thank you for reloading me some amunition for the holiday battle field coming up! . Totally feeling... Read more →

My current favorite spritz, smells real fresh, as if i am in the jungle grasping oranges right from... Read more →

Well turns out this is one of my best beautiful moment, which is the time that i get to go out... Read more →

I guess everyone needs a kiss 💋. . Last one i promise 🐶 just really can't get over this fun... Read more →

Makeup enhances your natural beauty! .And takes you to London perhaps? .Join us on the fun by... Read more →

So i received this cute box from @clozetteid and @hermoid and will do some unboxing session real... Read more →

Mornings like this 💤. . . #clozetteid #fmgoesto #FMchews

Captivated in your cold eyes 👀❤. . Tap for details! #clozetteid

He who doesn't dare grasping the thorns, may never dream of caressing the flower petals... Read more →

Sweetest birthday to this idiotic girl who came out of the same womb as i did, therefore have to... Read more →

Good vibes only 💨 . . #clozetteid

They'll tell you i'm insane 🎵 . . #clozetteid

Details do matter 👠 . . Snapchat: felimarcellina #clozetteid

Try to reach the things that i can't see ☝ . #clozetteid