Peek a boo πŸ‘€

#sundayreview, from a toner that I’ve been eyeing for some quite some time. It’s a... Read more β†’

No, it’s not a drink or a jelly in sachet, it’s @Jellysid π˜—π˜Άπ˜³π˜¦ 𝘍𝘒𝘀𝘦... Read more β†’

One side face done! I’m using @safiindonesia π˜•π˜’π˜΅π˜Άπ˜³π˜’π˜­π˜΄... Read more β†’

What is inside my makeup pouch for this week πŸ‘› #cathyangreview #clozetteid

It’s concealer party. One of the makeup essentials I couldn’t live without to conceal my dark... Read more β†’

When did the last time you have skin treatment at beauty clinic? I had it around late January this... Read more β†’

If I want an extra treatment to boost the moisture of my skin after a non-stop day sitting in an AC... Read more β†’

I don’t wanna β€œloose” you anymore. I always use loose powder for daily to set and create... Read more β†’

t’s Monday again and I couldn’t sleep well last night (Monday attack as always πŸ˜“). However,... Read more β†’

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke-75 πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨

Sunday strolling 🌞

Aku mungkin orang yang jarang banget explore untuk sabun mandi, sampai akhirnya kemarin aku... Read more β†’

Kinda miss what i always do behind the wheel every Sunday when the traffic lights is... Read more β†’

Part (3/3) Here comes to the final review for @theyeon Canola Honey series and now let’s give... Read more β†’

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Salut Monsieur! Tu vas bien? β˜€οΈ #clozetteid #mademoisellecath

After a long hiatus from the IG feed, here I’m back again with reviewing for the products that... Read more β†’

After a long hiatus from the IG feed, here I’m back again with reviewing for the products that... Read more β†’

It’s π˜•π˜¦π˜°π˜¨π˜¦π˜― π˜‰π˜ͺ𝘰-π˜—π˜¦π˜¦π˜­ 𝘎𝘒𝘢𝘻𝘦... Read more β†’

In my skincare routine I rarely include the β€˜essence’ step. I did use them long time ago from... Read more β†’

So few weeks ago i got a Socobox from @sociolla @beautyjournal and this time they’re partnering... Read more β†’

Bonne nuit πŸŒ™β­οΈ

What's the date today? Oopss, I hope I'm not late in sharing my #mayempties. There weren't so many... Read more β†’

The classic black πŸ–€β£ ⁣ #clozetteid #clozetteco

It’s my first time trying Malaysian makeup brand from in their 𝐆𝐨π₯𝐝... Read more β†’

Cruising πŸ›₯

Little Red Riding Hood #clozetteid