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Me: "OMG this song is so sweet. I'm gonna live a romantic life." . Also me: "World, let me live only with girl friends!" . But girls sometimes talk... Read more →

Me trying to take some flatlay pics. Right after installing a news app I never read in order to get the merchandise. With Vidi Aldiano in a room next... Read more →

Mencoba mencari posisi biar pas aku minta fotoin orang, orangnya tinggal pencet aja. But the tour guide told us to go to the bus so, yeah. Only the... Read more →

Being comfortable with acting cute, an eye-wink game. And it even lets me show the details of my DIY blouse!! Maafkan aku dengan segala pertalian di... Read more →

Thing I wanna try before I die ___ Makin tua harus makin mandiri (read: ga males ke sana-sini sendiri). Sekarang mencari gandengan buat nonton... Read more →

Ain't need no highlighter because I have a thing called sebum...📷 Mbak Vena yg baru ku kenal dan ga tau IG nya___Setengah dari item yang terlihat... Read more →