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A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura
A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura

Being alone is fine. I truly felt that way. I was motivated to work towards my personal goals. I wasnt fazed by the fact that I didnt have someone... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : When you start to put your happiness and self love first, so many things open up to you, there would be more opportunities #clozetteid

I may look like I'm not doing anything, but I'm quite busy problem-solving, being creative, or just thinking in my head with about 30 tabs... Read more β†’

Di Kaleminnn terus aja... yg lagi di sekitar kokas, cuyy jumpa2 lucuuu

Vit C & E combo: work well together and have even greater benefit for your skin if used simultaneously. Simak Beauty Updates ala clozetters lainnya... Read more β†’

Haiii! New post is up on my blog! Penasaran apa aja yang dapetin dari @hermoid yuk capcus ke blog aku! Ps. Ada reviewnya juga lohh... Read more β†’

Congratulations to Mrs. Melanie Kartadinata, @CarenDelano, Jansen Ongko, Harry O & Daisy Kwee on the opening of @CasagayaStudio. Casagaya menjawab... Read more β†’

So this is my Romantic Glam Makeup for Valentine Collaboration.❀ Nose contouring is my favorite part😁 PRODUCTS I USED : Face: @w.lab White... Read more β†’

Kadang suka ada yang nanya, kok bisa sih jalan-jalan melulu? Padahal sih sebenarnya gak terlalu sering jalan-jalan ya, tapi sekali jalan-jalan bisa... Read more β†’

Selain cat kuku Inglot ternyata juga memiliki koleksi kosmetik lengkap dan telah resmi diluncurkan tanggal 2 Februari 2017 kemarin. Baca selengkapnya... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : Being in this state, where we want to be perfect, we tend to forget that we are still human and we can be flawed #clozetteid

I have met two kinds of people in life: Ones who build me up and ones who tear me down, but in the end, I thank them both #clozetteid

I’m not much of a foodie but today I try to show you around one of best eating spots here in Balikpapan city . Β  Biru Laut / Ocean Blue i...