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A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura
A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura

BLOGGED : I've learned to love myself before having the capacity to love someone else, knowing that life is always worth living with or without him... Read more →

When I feel like God is doing nothing in my life, dad taught me because He is doing the most amazing things for my future. The only thing I can do is... Read more →

BLOGGED : As much as I focus on having natural and dewy skin, I have to rely on certain products to make sure my face is clear and camera ready for... Read more →

This time I am going to show you how I simply remove my everyday makeup with the help of Nivea beauty kit starter pack through this simple video. Much love, ...
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BLOGGED : When it comes to fashion, the possibilities are endless. As a Libra woman, I've set high standards for myself especially style-wise. I can... Read more →

When your crush asks you what you're up to in a suddent but you got annoyed and completely tired of waiting for him, so bye I can be happier without... Read more →

BLOGGED : It’s been ages since I last did a beauty shoot for my everyday make up look on the blog, you can see how I did Lip Swatch @maybelline... Read more →

I am very satisfied with these @maybelline lip tint! It gives my lips a sensational shine while keeping them moisturized all day. I know that I’m... Read more →

The beauty of Colored Lip with a generous helping of the @maybelline Color Sensational Lip Tint No. 8 : The colour is nothing like the packaging,... Read more →

BLOGGED : I have to say, I’ve never really opened up massively about my relationships and personal endeavors on my blog just because it’s my... Read more →

I got happier and felt contained by learning from the stupidity and mistakes I made in the past. My thought towards people nowadays is If only you... Read more →

Couldn't be happier to get these lip tint on my hands, super in love with the shades especially the number 4 from the first sight and the first try,... Read more →

Trying to maintain my inner bitch resting face/annoyed expression/cold-hearted girl because somewhere inside I'm still a nice and friendly person,... Read more →