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A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura
A BLOGGER OF SRS BLOG (www.somethingrealserious.com) by night and a full time visual merchandiser by day | Instagram & Twitter : @ollyvialaura
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BLOGGED : When something good is taken away from you/something bad is happening, always have faith that something better is coming soon #clozetteid

BLOGGED : One of my favorite steps in my skincare routine is exfoliating; this step gets rid of any dead skin cells for a smooth complexion. And the... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : if I were given the chance to tell a 17 year old Ollyvia, it'd be this, "Choose what your heart says but never ignore what your mind is... Read more β†’

Memang lebih menyenangkan saat tidak berekspektasi apa-apa. Whatever happens, it just happens and you wont feel disappointed #clozetteid

BLOGGED : Friends come and go and you'll find most of them in places you least expect it. I learned as I grew up that I can have a better... Read more β†’

My purpose in life is to keep moving forward and not cling to the past but I have so much frustrations because of the past at this age πŸ™„ Life... Read more β†’

This TRESemmΓ© Keratin Smooth Shampoo can transform my hair gorgeously sleek, smooth and easy to style / managable hair : a salon-quality one... Read more β†’

Memasuki usia dimana mulai mengalami life crisis πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ a pre-quarter life crisis. Errrr why is the universe making my life so awkward right now? I... Read more β†’

Here are some tips on how to gain more energy : have enough sleep, do proper work out and diet and drink @pocariid to fill your body with nutrients... Read more β†’

I am proud to say that I have been a part of @clozetteid family for 2 years, I've grown up as a person who loves to write about beauty and lifestyle... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : If you don’t love yourself, how can you exude confidence? This is probably the hardest but the most important part, just try new... Read more β†’

Starring at my best friend after a long week. Well, who needs boyfriend if you have pizza? Why get thinner when you can have more pizza, right... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : years). I lead a simple life and simple things make me happy. My life is a regular plain life but I cherish it every day because I am... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : Music hunting is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored. And finding β€œthe right songs for soul” really can make me feel good... Read more β†’

When I feel like God is doing nothing in my life, dad taught me because He is doing the most amazing things for my future. The only thing I can do is... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : I've learned to love myself before having the capacity to love someone else, knowing that life is always worth living with or without him... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : As much as I focus on having natural and dewy skin, I have to rely on certain products to make sure my face is clear and camera ready for... Read more β†’

BLOGGED : When it comes to fashion, the possibilities are endless. As a Libra woman, I've set high standards for myself especially style-wise. I can... Read more β†’