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Simply girlish and dreamy girl. A Fashion & Beauty enthusiast β™‘ Instagram : ghinaaulia | www.colored-canvas.com
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Simply girlish and dreamy girl. A Fashion & Beauty enthusiast β™‘
Instagram : ghinaaulia | www.colored-canvas.com
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Still can't move on from the previous Sporty Date with @zoyacosmetics event πŸŽͺ✨ And here's the star of the day : three scents of ... Read more β†’

Hi! Aku yakin kalian udah ngga asing dengan yang namanya bedak Marcks' kan? πŸ™‹πŸ» Yap, bedak legendaris yang udah ada dari zaman mamaku kecil itu... Read more β†’

A mini review of my top 3 Local, Asia, & Western products at the moment! βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœ¨ * @milanicosmetics Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation My super... Read more β†’

Did you love the smell of spring? ⛅️ I do. But sadly we can't enjoy that season since it's not happen in our country. So this time I made a post... Read more β†’

Without no doubt, Indonesian beauty brands is now constantly growing and I can't be more proud to wear local products! πŸ’œπŸŒΎπŸƒ But did you know... Read more β†’

"Pause, take a deep breath, and appreciate all the good that came your way" 🌡🌻🌸 Been reflecting on my week and learn that sometimes we don't... Read more β†’

Hello lovelies πŸ’• In our society, it might be still a taboo to talk about vaginal health & hygiene aka Miss V. But as a woman, we surely need to... Read more β†’

Starting to get worried that i've gain too much weight lately πŸ’­πŸ™€ Always told myself before that I need to eat more food for speedy recovery but... Read more β†’

β€’ N E W B L O G P O S T β€’ Stepping out from my comfort zone to try these newly launched (limited edition) Lip Paint Metallic Series from... Read more β†’

I believe base makeup it’s the secret of a perfect complexion. So, it becomes one of my daily essentials to prep my skin before putting any make up... Read more β†’

Here's a glimpse to "A day With Osmosis" event 🌴🌊 Have you heard about @osmosisskincareid before? It's an Australian skincare brand that... Read more β†’

Hello everyone 🌻🌹 Sorry for being MIA for a while, I've been jumping back to some hospital nearby due some unknown allergic reaction that made... Read more β†’

✨ C L E A N S I N G ✨ Siapa disini yang sering pake makeup tapi lupa bebersih sebelum tidur? Ngerasa udah terlalu cape dan ngantuk, apalagi... Read more β†’

Introducing my ultimate duo cleanser at the moment : the brand new @nivea_id Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover & Micellar Water ✨🏝 Both of these... Read more β†’

Throwing back to the moment when I met these beautiful ladies and proudly presenting our national heritage. Batik pattern was made from different... Read more β†’

Feel like a real new yorker on previous @absolutenewyork_id Pop Up Store πŸ₯‚πŸŒ‡ I've been eyeing about this brand & products due my absence to... Read more β†’

Hello ladies! We can’t deny that makeup is our best friends, right? But did you know, using too much makeup can clog pores and create problems to... Read more β†’

Dressing up like a pin up girl on today the balm event Pop Up Store πŸ’„βœ¨ Congratulation on the new launching @thebalmid 6 shades of Meet Matt(e)... Read more β†’

I always love to dye my hair, it's simply makes me feel more confident & youthful looks 🌸🏹☁️ Nah buat kalian yang tanya warna rambutku... Read more β†’

Hi! Are you currently looking for an amazing quality concelear? Here's my holy grail products at the moment : Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concelear... Read more β†’

Finally got my hand on this greeny @altheakorea Raya Box πŸ—³β˜οΈπŸ’šβœ¨ Can't wait to share with you what's inside the box! Hint: most of the... Read more β†’

For me, cantik itu lebih dari sekedar makeup. Karena aku percaya kalo kita menjaga hidup agar selalu balance, stress-free, dan maintain pola hidup... Read more β†’

Moshi Moshi 🎌🍣🐹 Feeling so happy to get half of my gadget back and enable to communicate + share so many things! Yesterday I was strolling... Read more β†’

Beautiful skin requires perfect cleansing. That’s why you shouldn’t miss to double cleansing your face to remove all the dirt and make up... Read more β†’

Oh, I'm truly missing my sharing-posting-social media activity πŸ“ Sorry for being disappear for quite long time (and probably for more weeks in the... Read more β†’

The creatures we don’t share a drop of blood with, yet hold the closest spot in our hearts πŸ“πŸŒ» Let me introduce you to some people that I can... Read more β†’