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Concealer review! 1. LA Girl Pro Conceal Coverage : 3,5/5 Color range: 5/5 Texture: 2,5/5 (agak tricky, better apply ke tangan sampai melted baru... Read more →

I can't sleep, so decided to post this look. I've got so many comments from strangers and friends about my similarity with paopao (i know you've... Read more →

하 어! Deetz: Brow: VIVA LA VIDA! @viva.cosmetics Face: @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter + @shuuemura petal skin @catriceindonesia prep+prime... Read more →

Smile! You are on social media! *putsarcasticemo* 😬 Sometime, i feel what we see on instagram, snapchat or youtube is only shows what ppl want to... Read more →

When lifes gets blurry, adjust your focus. Got so inspired by @nataliapek photos, i've followed her for years on pinterest, never know she is real... Read more →

Roses, lily & jasmine are mine. But this soapy, soft cotton scents makes me forget what's mine ❤️ Full review on this newest EDT on my blog. •... Read more →

This time, review on drugstore Foundations: 1. Rivera liqiud foundation SPF 20 - 86.8IDR teksturnya cair, coveragenya sheer to medium. Mine are shade... Read more →

Ola Instagram! Mulai dari minggu ini kedepannya aku akan review beberapa produk sesuai kategori dari koleksi ku untuk direview satu persatu. I hope... Read more →

I got some comment and DM about my last NUDE / BOLD pic. What lipstick they are? Which shade did u use, etc, etc. Makesure to chevk my blog on... Read more →